A modern mystery school dedicated to philosophical inquiry and the quest for enlightenment.

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Our Vision and Janusian Masonry

The Vision and Method of Janusian Masonry: “We take good men and make them better, one man at a time. We teach using a timeless system of moral instruction, based in individual experience and built in the universal pursuit of wisdom and brotherhood.” At Harmonie Lodge, we practice Janusian Masonry. In recent years, Lodges the …

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The Master and the Wardens


2015-2016 Harmonie Officers 2014-2015 Harmonie Officers (Pictured left to right) :Bro. Peter Schank – Captain U.S Army – Marshal, Wor. Geard E. Shultz – Trustee, Bro. William B. Chapin III – Chaplain, Bro. John Budowski – Secretary, Bro. Jon Korta (Proxy), Bro. Anthony Marchaioli – Master of Ceremony, Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale -Trustee, Bro. Brian …

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Past Masters

Roll of Past Masters

1870 Sebastian C. Kiene 1871 Sebastian C. Kiene 1872 Henry F. Juengling 1873 Henry F. Juengling 1874 Henry Breitwieser 1875 Henry Breitwieser 1876 Henry Kraft 1877 Henry Kraft 1878 George Wemer 1879 George Wemer 1880 Fred Zesch 1881 Fred Zesch 1882 A. J. Sutor 1883 A. J. Sutor 1884 Henry Zipp 1885 Henry Zipp 1886 …

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Harmonie Lodge: Then & Now


    Harmonie Lodge in the 19th Century   By the 1840s German-Americans made up one-third of Buffalo’s population and were the largest foreign-born group in the city. In 1848 dispensation was granted to form a German lodge known as Concordia Lodge No. 143, which name represents the Goddess of Concord; “Agreement by Stipulation”; and …

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Harmonie Lodge No

Our Coat of Arms

    Click the image of the Coat of Arms for a description of its meaning.

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The Mark Twain Award

W:. Nathan A. Shoff – W:. Daniel J. Di Natale – W:. Fredrick G. Clark II Founders of Janusian Masonry In 2010 Harmonie Lodge No. 699 was privilege to have earned the Mark Twain Award for Excellence in Masonic Awareness from the Masonic Service Association of North America (www.MSANA.com.) This prestigious award was issued to 17 Lodges …

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