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2015-2016 Harmonie Officers

2014-2015 Harmonie Officers

(Pictured left to right) :Bro. Peter Schank – Captain U.S Army – Marshal, Wor. Geard E. Shultz – Trustee, Bro. William B. Chapin III – Chaplain, Bro. John Budowski – Secretary, Bro. Jon Korta (Proxy), Bro. Anthony Marchaioli – Master of Ceremony, Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale -Trustee, Bro. Brian Fabian – Steward,            Middle Row – Bro. Christopher L. Samul – Treasurer, Bro. Berry Mclachlan –  Junior Deacon, Bro. Doanld Monheim – Senior Deacon, Bro. Daniel Augustnek – Master of Ceremony, Bro. Nonso Illogu – Musical Director, Wor. Milton Keim, D.S.A – Past Master, Bro. Nicholas Hornberger – Steward                                             Top Row - Wor. Frederic G. Clark II – Senior Warden, Wor. Josua Keim – Master, Bro. Benjamin Kaminiski – Junior Warden 


2013-2014 Harmonie Officers

(Pictured left to right) :Bro. John Budowski – Secretary, Bro. Peter Schank (Proxy for Bro. Andre Pigeon) Marshal – Bro. Daniel Augustnek – Junior Steward – Bro. William B. Chapin II – Chaplain and Trustee – Bro. Donald Monheim – Junior Deacon – Bro. Benjamin Kamninski – Bro. Christopher L. Samul – Treasurer – Worshipful Fredrick G. Clark II – Trustee – Worshipful Daniel J. Di Natale – Master – Bro. Berry Mclachlan (Proxy for Bro. Michael hacker) – Musical Director – Bro. Ryan Acoanfora – Junior Master of Ceremony  – Bro. Joshua Keim – Junior Warden –  Bro. Dennis J. McMullen – Tiler – Bro. Michael P. Guzak – Senior Warden – Bro. Anthony Marchaioli – Senior Steward – Bro. Nonso Ilogu – Senior master of Ceremony – Not in Picture – Worshipful Geard E. Shultz – Trustee

2012-2013 Harmonie Officers

(Pictured left to right) : Front Row: Bro. Joshua Keim – Junior Deacon, Bro.  Donald Monheim – Senior Steward, Bro. Andre Pigeon – Marshal,  Bro. Eric Seward – Junior Steward ,W:. BRo. Fredrick G. Clark II – Trustee, Bro. Jeffery Keagen – Tiler – Middle Row: Bro. Christopher L. Samul – Treasurer, Bro. Michael Hacker – Musical Director, Bro. Dennis McMullen – Senior Deacon, William Chapin II – Trustee/Chaplian – Top Row: Ryan S. Bonnett – Senior Warden, W:. Daniel J. Di Natale – Master, Bro. Micheal Guzak – Junior Warden – Not Pictured: Bro. John Budowski – Secretary, Bro.Benjamin Kaminski – Senior Master of Ceremony, Bro. Zachary Burgess – Junior Master of Ceremony, Bro. Stephen P. Kelly – Trustee.

2011-2012 Harmonie Officers

(Pictured left to right) Kneeling: Bro. Andre Pigeon – Tiler;  Front Row: Bro. Stephen Kelly -Trustee, Bro. William Chapin II – Senior Steward, Bro. Gabriel Krebs – Junior Steward, Bro. Joshua Keim – Marshal; Middle Row: Bro. Ben Kaminski – Senior Master of Ceremony, Bro. B. J. Lyons – Senior Deacon, Bro. Jeffery Kagan – Chaplain, Bro. Dennis McMullen – Junior Deacon, Bro. Christopher Samul – Junior Master of Ceremony, Back Row: Bro. John Budowski – Treasurer, Bro. Daniel Di Natale – Senior Warden, W:. Frederick “Ted”  G. Clark II – Master, Bro. Ryan Bonnett – Junior Warden, Bro. Michael Guzak – Secretary

2010-2011 Harmonie Officers

(Pictured left to right) Kneeling: Bro. Todd Michalack – Tiler; Front Row: J.C.L – Musical Director, Bro. Christopher L. Samul – Senior Steward, Bro. Joshua Keim – Marshal, Bro. John Newman – Junior Steward, Middle Row: Bro. John Budowski -Senior Master of Ceremony, Bro. Ryan S. Bonnett – Senior Deacon, Bro. Dennis J. McMullen – Junior Deacon, Bro. Jason Royce, Top Row: W:. Bro. Gerard E. Shultz, Jr., Bro. Daniel J. Di Natale – Junior Warden, W:. Nathan A. Shoff – Master, Bro. Fredrick G Clark II – Senior Warden, Bro. Neal Kratzer – Trustee/Chaplian, Bro. Micheal P. Guzak – Secretary

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Our Master

Worshipful Benjamin Kaminski  – Master of Harmonie Lodge – 2016 Worshipful Kaminski was raised at Living Stone Lodge No. 255 in Colden, NY in November of 2005. Although not very active at his Mother Lodge, BRo. Ben found his way to Harmonie through an old friend who had been brought to light unbeknownst to him. Since joining …

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Bro. Donald Monheim

Our Senior Warden

 Bro. Donald Monheim – Senior Warden Bro. Monheim was initiated by the Brothers of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 on August 10, 2011, passed on November 09, 2011, and Raised on April 28, 2010. Bro. Monheim has been a very active participant in the craft since he has joined. He served as an appointed officer in …

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Our Junior Warden

Bro.  William Chapin II- Junior Warden Bro. Chapin was initiated by the brethren of Harmonie Lodge, no. 699 on August 11th 2010, passed on November 10th 2010 and raised on March 19th 2011. An active member of Harmonie from the start, he has served in the appointed positions of Senior Steward, Chaplain and Senior Deacon …

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Our Grand Lodge Officers

Right Worshipful Daniel J. Di Natale, the 143rd and 144th Master of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 Assistant Grand Lecturer of the First Erie Masonic District 2014-16 District Deputy Grand Master of the First Erie Masonic District 2016-2018 Very Worshipful Daniel J. Di Natale was Initiated on December 7th, 2006, Passed on February 1st, 2007 and …

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