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Our Senior Warden

 Bro. Donald Monheim – Senior Warden
Bro. Monheim was initiated by the Brothers of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 on August 10, 2011, passed on November 09, 2011, and Raised on April 28, 2010. Bro. Monheim has been a very active participant in the craft since he has joined. He served as an appointed officer in the Steward, Junior Deacon, and Senior Deacon chairs also as an elected officer as Junior Warden. He also served as the Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club President for two years, the Fellowship Chair of the First Erie District team for two years, ans he is the current Fellowcraft Club Treasurer. He is Venerable Prophet of Zuleika Grotto No. 10 and Royal Arch Captain of The Tonawanda Keystone Chapter No. 71.
His dedication to his Craft lodge has not waivered despite his many other leadership roles. Joining Harmonie at the age of 23 and becoming a homeowner in the same year, Don takes every challenge presented to him as they come. He looks forward to the challenges to come and is as excited as ever to be a part of this great lodge and this great fraternity of men. He is currently employed as a Software Engineer with General Dynamics.

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