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Festive Board

The Festive Board was once the center of a Masonic meeting. Brothers would met around the table share in a meal and rejoice in the bonds of fellowship shared by all. This activity was so central to earlier Masonic gatherings the Lodge meeting itself was held around them. Sadly, modern Masonic development has seen the falling away with this practice. Harmonie, embracing its roots in true Masonic practice has revived the Festive Board.

After all of our formal meetings, the Junior Warden hosts the “Festive Board,” or “Agape,” which is a family style banquet. Most of our lectures, seminars, and paper presentations are held over the Festive Board. This allows for a relaxed learning experience and encourages meaningful conversation. During the Festive Board, our Brethren embrace good fellowship through the experiences of mirth and merriment, and enjoy good food and drink. Each senior officer of the Lodge presents a formal toast, with additional toasts proposed and suggested by the Brethren. The Festive Board is concluded after each meeting with the final toast given most eloquently by the Tiler.

Posted below are the programs used during a Festive Board at Harmonie Lodge. Please use it as inspiration for your own Festive Board.

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