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Concordia Collegium

Academy of the Progressive Science of Freemasonry

The Masonic fraternity has always stressed that education is of paramount importance, and an indispensible pre-requisite to enlightenment. Harmonie Lodge views education of its brethren at every level of experience as an essential function of the Lodge. Each meeting is a place of education, with instructional programs held at every meeting. Many of these presentations are original research and work created by the presenting Brother, and, as such, each meeting promises something new added to the body of Masonic knowledge.
The Initiatic Experience
When a candidate enters the Craft, he is entering into a serious, life-long journey of self-discovery. As the path to self-discovery is narrow and beset with dangers, when a candidate enters Harmonie Lodge, he is assigned a mentor to help teach him his new duties as a craftsman in the quarry of life. The initiatic experience itself is based on the transformative process handed down from the ancients, an experience that promises to be memorable.
A part of any craftsman’s life is work, and work the candidate and new brother will! It is required that, before being advanced to each succeeding degree, the candidate must demonstrate proficient memorization, complete several reading assignments and attend tracing board lecture presentations. In the beginning, the candidate is assigned an intensive reading regimen that explains some of the philosophical nature of Freemasonry.
Prior to initiation into the third – and final – degree, the brother must demonstrate what he has learned up to that point, and will be expected to build his “Master’s Piece”. What this masterwork consists of is dependent on the individual student, since each man’s journey is different. Whatever the form of the masterwork, it should clearly show that the brother has internalized the Light of Masonry afforded him thus far.
Digital Masonic Library
The education of candidates and brethren does not end at the Lodge-room door. Rather, our Lodge affords members access to dozens of source materials on the subject of Freemasonry – from medieval manuscripts known as the Old Charges to the philosophical analyses of scholars such as Mackey, Pike and Claudy.
Additionally, as we believe that every Masonic Lodge should be a lodge that undertakes research, Harmonie Lodge has also made available copies of members’ presentations, articles, and research papers which have been created over the years. Thus, we not only provide the source material from which an interested brother can undertake his own research, but also provide him example of some of the modern scholarship undertaken by Harmonie Lodge.
Continuing Masonic Education
Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and Harmonie’s Concordia Collegium leaves no student of Masonry behind. With continuing lectures, readings, and development courses, those that truly want the most from their Masonic experience will have the opportunity to do so.
For those brethren interested in becoming officers of the Lodge, and eventually Master of Harmonie, Concordia Collegium provides an Officers Development Course and Master’s Course, which further explain the various symbols, history, jurisprudence, traditions, etiquette and protocol of American Freemasonry. During these courses, the brother will be expected to memorize and present further ritual passages, as well as Tracing Board lectures for the new brethren.
Whether or not one has the ambition to gain a seat in the East of the Lodge, all brethren will further benefit from Concordia Collegium’s Continuing Masonic Education programs. Modeled after the Anglo-European tradition of having a presentation of original research on various topics in the subject of Freemasonry at each lodge meeting, the Continuing Masonic Education programs offer multi-year teachings about Masonic esoteric mysteries, 21st century science and technology, philosophy, mythology, and history.
By providing all brethren with such educational resources and programs, Harmonie Lodge endeavors to perpetuate the reputation of our Fraternity as a true source of enlightenment.

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